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Where to Eat in Atlanta

Wondering where to eat in Atlanta?  This is a question I get daily, even by my friends who live here. It’s not an easy question to answer.

Tacos in AtlantaTacos are one of my four food groups

Atlanta has an extraordinarily diverse food scene, reflecting both its Southern roots and its hip, urbane persona. Whether you’re in the mood for a good old-fashioned “meat and three,” killer burgers, inventive tacos or chic five-star dining, you will literally never run out of places to eat here. And don’t forget the BBQ. 

The Food Hall at Ponce City Market has something for everyone

Atlanta truly has it all, from James Beard winners to hole-in-the-wall diners. That said, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the options. As your fearless guide, I have selflessly been researching restaurants for years – from the trendy to the stalwarts – and I am happy to share some of my favorites with you. If you want to know the best places to eat in Atlanta, start here! Bon appétit, y’all! 


Antico Pizza Napoletana: This is my number-one, go to place and it never disappoints. I know it sounds incongruous to rave about pizza in Atlanta, but this is more than just the best pizza you’ll ever have. The owner has built a “Little Italy” village – with a great casual restaurant, a gelateria and a bar. The original location (and the only one I go to) is close to Georgia Tech, so it’s always buzzing. Oh, did I mention you can BYOB? 

Antico Pizza NapoletanaClassic marinara and a sausage/hot pepper pizza. Look at that crust!


Fred's Meat & Bread: There are a lot of amazing burgers in Atlanta, from loaded creations to the classics. My favorite these days is Fred's Meat & Bread in Krog Street Market. The burger stack is pretty simple - patties, American cheese, mayo and pickles. But the simplicity of it highlights the perfection of it. The full menu includes more advanced burgers and some pretty great other items (try both the Pimento Cheese Club and Cheesesteak), but the burger is the star. 

WHERE TO EAT IN ATLANTA: Fine Dining and Special occasions 

Staplehouse: Atlanta does not have a lot of super fancy or fussy restaurants (thankfully). But what it does have is an abundance of chefs who truly love food. Of all the “special” restaurants – and there are many – this is my favorite. The price fixe menu changes daily on what is fresh and in season. As a bonus, all after-tax profits from your meal benefit Giving Kitchen which provides emergency assistance to food service workers.  Word of caution: it takes about two months to get a reservation for the main restaurant with the tasting menu, so planning is critical. But you can always walk in and sit at the bar and in the covered patio for an abbreviated, a la carte menu. 

StaplehouseStaplehouse features a fresh menu which changes daily.

Why not take a food tour and check out some new places to eat in Atlanta? This is a fun one! 

WHERE TO EAT IN ATLANTA: Southern and Soul Food

Busy Bee Cafe: Few topics generate as much controversy in Atlanta as fried chicken. I’m happy to solve this problem. There is simply no better – possibly in the country, than Busy Bee. This restaurant has been in its location close to downtown for more than 70 years – and I’m pretty sure it has the original décor and possibly the original frying oil. You will see literally everyone here, from judges to athletes to area chefs to locals. The menu is pure Southern soul – but my favorite is the fried chicken, collards and mac ‘n cheese, which is considered a vegetable.  

Busy Bee's Fried ChickenFried chicken with two vegetables - one is mac 'n cheese


Fat Matt's Rib Shack: The other controversial topic is barbeque. Luckily, there is A LOT to try in Atlanta, and we’ll discuss that. But if you have to pick just one, pick Fat Matt’s Rib Shack. You don’t get a lot of choices – ribs, pork sandwich or chicken (stick with the ribs). Add some sides – don’t miss the beans. And dunk the white bread in the sauce. That’s it. Grab a pitcher of ice-cold local Sweetwater beer, kick back and listen to the live blues music they have every night in the tiny shack. 


Taqueria Del Sol: Mexican food is one of my favorites all around, so I have a lot to recommend. But this particular place is a personal favorite for a few reasons. This restaurant moved into the West Midtown area of Atlanta when it was a vast wasteland – taking a huge chance on the area. Now, this is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Atlanta, known for its hip, vibrant food, shopping and living scene. I give them major props for this. Secondly, the street food style tacos can’t be beat. Neither can the margaritas. And third, as a bonus, you can walk across the parking lot and have the most exquisite ice cream ever, at Jeni's.

Taqueria Del SolA salsa, guacamole and margarita sampler

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